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Specialist Car Finance is an independent finance provider dedicated solely to high-end vehicle finance and equity release. We have a passion for the classics and adore the thrills of the modern supercars.


Faris Fisher and Bryan Morris

Specialist Car Finance was founded by Faris Fisher and Bryan Morris. Faris bought his first real sports car, a Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet in 1995 and soon managed to get behind the wheel of his dream car, a Ferrari F355. There have been many supercars since then, although he does regret a little letting the F355 go. As an entrepreneur, he knows all too well the struggles of obtaining finance to fund your dream car. Having bought his cars outright, the equity was always there when needed.

I have had to sell some treasured cars in the past to fund future projects, which is what drove me to found Specialist Car Finance, to help more car enthusiasts fund their dream and also retain their dream car.

Faris has a wealth of experience with marketing, dealing with large transactions which have seen him deal with major high street brands. To that end, we’re proud to say that we’re Mayfair backed. One of our backers specialises in arranging joint venture funding for large-scale developments as well as pre-planning land deals.

At a glance, they have arranged £500 million worth of investments, with over 100 closed transactions and £1.2 billion total GDV assets.

Bryan Morris has spent 50 years in the motor trade. In the 60’s he made a reputation as the go-to man for all things Mini, which were very in vogue then (if you are old enough to remember). By 1972 he was ready to buy his dream car, an E-Type Jaguar from Appleyards on Regent Street Leeds, with a price tag of £4000. He couldn’t quite bring himself to sign on the dotted line (you could buy a house for that in 1972) and opted for a Harvest Gold MGB GT for £1300 on finance.

It wasn’t quite as cool at the E-Type, but it did have an 8-track player and Quadrophonic sound to blast out of the sunroof.

Bryan has a wealth of experience in the motor trade and finance world, having worked on many big property deals and acquisitions. He finally got his E-Type in 2018 which is a 1974 roaster in Yellow. He said it was worth the 46-year wait!

Our specialist sector knowledge and bespoke approach will give you a quick and pleasant way to obtain instant cash funding. We work closely with dealers and specialists across the UK and Europe to meet the individual needs of our customers, offering flexible finance solutions that work for you.

Our goal is to strive to ensure all transactions are conducted in a quick, discreet and professional manner.


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